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What are web standards and why are they good for my business website ?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was found by Tim Berners-Lee in 1994. Its purpose was to establish a set of best practises or standards that web designers should adhere to in order to make the internet more accessible to its users. To this day, the importance of Web Standards cannot be emphasised enough. With an ever increasing number of internet enabled devices, and the expansion of e-commerce and social networking, Web Standards have become the primary way of ensuring your website or web service is found by search engines and accessed by as many internet enabled devices as is possible.

How will having a W3C compliant website benefit my business ?

  • Increased Exposure

    Fully compliant web pages and web services are more accessible across different media platforms by having smaller file size and a clearly defined structure. This enables your business to reach out to a wider audience.

  • Lower Development and Maintenance Costs

    W3C compliant web pages developed using a modular and structured approach are more maintainable then their non-compliant counterparts. W3C compliancy results is less code to maintain. It also facilitates easier change and hence less risk to business.

  • Business Standards - Consistency

    Stylesheets can be used to give all web pages within a website a consistent look and feel. Using stylesheets makes it easier to alter the look and feel of your site by localising the change to one area. This is standard in a W3C compliant website. Whether it is a simple change to the size or font style of the text or altering the overall theme, the central control of the style of the website can be accessed from one place.

  • Increased Search Engine Optimization - SEO

    SEO benefits of W3C compliant web pages:

    • CSS styled HTML tags instead of images or Flash - help strategically place your keywords were they will have the greatest effect.
    • W3C compliance - increase the search engines ability to accurately index web page content.
    • Smaller file sizes - Search engines tend not to index any content within a file that is deeper than around 30 kilobytes.

How do I know if a website is W3C compliant ?

The validitity of both the HTML and CSS are requred to make a website fully W3C compliant. W3C provides two online validators to do this, just type in the url of the site under investigation, and the validator will indicate any errors or warnings.

Before making a decision as to who designs and develops your next website, check using the tools above and see if the examples they offer can deliver the kind of quality solution we offer.

All radialTech Websites and Web Services are W3C complient with no errors or warnings - why settle for second best..

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