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A growing, dynamic company .....

radialTech is a relatively young company, having started operation in 2007. However, its staff and associates bring a wealth of experience to what is a growing, dynamic company.

Here at radialTech we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in software design and architecture, specialising in database design, web design and Microsoft .NET technologies. We have experience working with corporate clients and small local businesses and understand just how different their focus can be.

radialTech has proven experience working with legacy systems and facilitating the integration of new software into an existing technical estate. We have also worked with businesses looking to establish a Web Presence and to increase their business exposure through Search Engine Optimisied web solutions. The requirements and scale of solution may differ but here at radialTech, we believe the approach should be the same.

With a strong foundation in the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) we believe our products are crafted to the higest standard and are re-usable and maintainable. And that is exactly what we deliver.

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